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Cor Winkler Prins, CEO

COVID-19 Continuity Message

"Now, perhaps more then ever, we are here to make sure that organizations can provide quality support for their employees."

The COVID-19 outbreak forces us all to adapt.  We understand that work needs to continue to ensure that people are provided for.  The entire 4me team is working from their home offices so that we can safely continue to support our customers and partners without interruptions.

Fortunately, our partners are used to perform 4me implementations through online workshops.  This, combined with the free online training modules that eliminate the need for classroom training, allows organizations to continue their migration to 4me as planned.

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"The 4me solution recognizes that collaboration is key and that

there is no ‘IT and the business’ anymore – since IT is always at the

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Business Partner

very heart of the business in the digital age."

Sigrid Jansen, manager IFDC

4me® is an enterprise service management (ESM) solution for seamless collaboration between internal and external service providers

4me is the only ESM solution that makes it possible for all internal departments, like IT, HR and Facilities, to work together seamlessly with each other, as well as with the managed service providers to which some services have been outsourced. In addition to supporting the ITIL processes, 4me also provides fully integrated knowledge management, time tracking and project management capabilities. For enterprise employees, 4me is the Self Service app that is always there for them whenever they need some help.

4me EMA Vendor to Watch


“The fact that 4me continues to win significant competitive replacement business in large multi-national accounts is a triumph of substance over bad marketing, as well as a testimony to the power of word-of-mouth promotion from an enthusiastic customer base.”

4me is also recognized by:

Gartner Research Note:

The SIAM Role Is Critical in Managing Multiple Outsourced Service Providers

by Jim Longwood, Gilbert van der Heiden and Claudio Da Rold
Published: November 15, 2019


“It was a very efficient implementation, especially given the short timeline and the client demands. We were well facilitated by 4me through their expert knowledge and professionalism.”

Alexander Pollard

“It’s all about standardization and processes. As we grow continuously, ESAS also needs a structured way of working in ITSM tooling and this is offered by the implementation of 4me. On top of that, the tool also fully supports our mission for maximum customer experience with user friendly interfaces.”

Tom Van der Aa

“We have been impressed with how easy it is to extend the solution with Automation Rules and UI Extensions. Anyone can learn to use these capabilities quickly and without needing to have a development background.”

Sys Mindedahl

“The SIAM capabilities of 4me, resulting in the absolute multi-tenancy of the app, is something we really needed and that only 4me could offer us.”

Louis Sabbe
Business Development Manager for Cloud Apps, Savaco

“It’s a profitable situation for all - collaboration improves, we become more and more of a partner instead of an external service supplier. All of this is standard functionality in 4me. With other service management applications we would have had to build and maintain all these integrations which would have been very costly.”

Frank Lodewijks

"Defining the service catalog and registering all SLAs is not a luxury for a managed service provider. It touches its core business and must be done right. 4me is the only ITSM solution in which both shared and dedicated services can be managed without any customization.”

Georg Leitner-Fidler
Senior ITSM Consultant, techwork

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