With 4me, tracking internal and external service providers is easy

At 4me, we believe that when two or more organizations want to work together it should be easy and quick to do so. That is why 4me enables the setup of a ‘Trust Relation’, with no integration required. It takes minutes to activate, and enables immediate setup of SLAs between organizations. Both customer and provider have access to real-time SLA reporting, so they can both track the quality of service provided.

customer success stories

Customer - Daikin
Customer – esas
Customer - Deloitte Belgium
Customer – raet
Customer - Danone
Customer - APA-IT

Built around SIAM for service excellence

4me is an enterprise-class service management application built specifically for multinational organizations around SIAM. Apart from the obvious need to operate across different time zones and in multiple languages, modern organizations have several more-complex requirements, spanning business relationship management and performance.

  • "While supporting 3000 + end users across EMEA, the extra features that 4me offers out of the box help us to work together more effectively with external providers. This gives us real competitive advantage."

    Thomas Fruhstuck
    Thomas Fruhstuck APA-IT
  • “Switching our service management tool to 4me was no jump into darkness. It was a conscious decision to offer more clarity and transparency within IT and to our internal customers. The service levels and KPIs can now be tracked by all stakeholders.”

    Geert Monserez
    Geert Monserez Daikin
4me - user friendly UI

Collaboration for enterprises and MSPs

4me is a SaaS solution that allows organizations to collaborate seamlessly with their managed service providers. It helps them support their workforce more efficiently, while automatically tracking the level of service that each provider delivers. This allows enterprises to stay in control as they outsource more of their non-core activities.

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