About 4me

The Platform

4me® is the first enterprise service management application specifically built to support the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach. It allows the internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate while 4me keeps track of the service levels. 4me also offers, by far, the fastest global response times and the most user-friendly interface. Apart from providing service desk analysts and support specialists with a fast and intuitive user interface that minimizes their administrative effort, 4me also offers the following premium benefits:

  • Automatic tracking of all end-to-end SLAs, as well as the services provided by shared services organizations and managed service providers.
  • Seamless and secure collaboration between all support domains within the same organization, as well as with its managed service providers.

The Name

The name ‘4me’ has raised a few eyebrows over the years, but there is a good reason why this name was selected.  Fundamentally, the 4me platform is there to support enterprise employees.  Whenever they have a question or need some assistance, 4me is there for them.  But if they do not know how to access 4me, it is not much help.  Providing the employees with an easy-to-remember URL with which they can access their 4me Self Service portal is important. By choosing 4me as the name of the platform, the URL is simply the name of an employee’s organization followed by .4me.com  Once this is explained, people never forget.

The Story

4me was founded in 2010 by Cor Winkler Prins (CEO), Laurens Pit (CTO) and Mathijs Sterk (Chief Software Architect) after they realized that large enterprises were already spending a large percentage of their IT budget on external providers. That realization, combined with the progress of cloud computing and the gradual acceptance of enterprise SaaS applications, signaled a clear need for a new enterprise-class service management solution with a completely different architecture. This architecture should allow enterprises and their providers to work together seamlessly and securely, without the need for costly integrations.  And this new service management solution should give enterprises and their providers real-time insight into the quality of service being delivered. The new service management solution became 4me. It was initially released in 2012 and has since grown to support not just the core ITIL processes and SIAM, but also KCS-based knowledge management, time tracking, and Earned Value Management (EVM) for project and portfolio management.

Today, over 3.6 million enterprise employees already rely on 4me’s Self Service capabilities when they need help from one of their organization’s support domains like HR, IT, Purchasing or Facilities Management.

The founders of 4me previously made exits with service management solutions to HP, BMC Software and ServiceNow. 4me, Inc. is based in Palo Alto, California.

Management Team

The people who set the direction at 4me all have many years of experience in the service management industry.  They understand why large enterprises continue to migrate to a different service management solution every few years.  This multinational team came together because they share a passion for eliminating complexity so that reaching a high service management maturity level comes naturally for all organizations.

Get to know the people behind 4me’s success in the Management Team section.

Our Vision

Real-time access to service levels and service costs for every service provider.

Our Mission

We provide organizations with a premium service management solution that:

  • is fast and easy to use so that it improves the productivity of the support specialists,
  • provides managers the information they need to constantly optimize the allocation of resources, and
  • improves the success of outsourcing by independently tracking the actual level of service provided and allowing seamless collaboration between managed service providers and their customers.


Our Beliefs

By delivering on our mission, we allow service providers to focus more on the needs of their customers. This makes businesses more productive, which ultimately raises the standards for all.

Our Core Values

First-class service management capabilities should be affordable for all organizations with mature requirements, regardless of their size.

We love our customers and strive to make their job easier. Part of that means making sure customers are always free, both financially and technically, to take their business and data elsewhere.

We like our competitors. They provide the context that allows us to compare. Competition drives innovation. It keeps us sharp and focused as we strive to retain our leadership position as the SIAM solution provider that offers the best value for money.