100% Availability

ImageIt is that time of year when we look back at the previous 12 months. Obviously, a major milestone has been the name change to 4me. But let’s focus here on the availability of the service, as well as the enhancements that have been delivered. Those are, after all, what our customers value most.

The availability of the service is tracked independently by Pingdom. Their measurements are publicly available at https://status.4me.com/242011/history.
4me logo - blueFor 2017 the result is, for the 2nd year in a row, 100%. There was a failure of one of the application servers on December 11, but the workload of the users on this server was automatically transferred to the other application servers.
The exceptional availability statistics are even more remarkable when we consider that 2017 was the year in which the service got moved onto a completely new, even faster, infrastructure.
Like 2016, last year was another extremely productive year for our developers. They delivered 46 new releases, which included a total of 72 new features and 30 usability improvements. These enhancements ensure that the service continues to evolve and stays well ahead of the competition that still has not seriously started to offer support for Service Integration and Management (SIAM).
Last year also showed strong continued growth as we saw more organizations eager to stop struggling with the configuration of their service management tools. The trend keeps getting stronger; organizations are actively looking for an application that can get them get to the next level of maturity more quickly.
Much of this success is thanks to our customers and partners who are willing to share their stories with us and others. Their support and ideas allow us to deliver innovative features that take the industry into the brave new world of SIAM, where we cross organizational boundaries and work together with other organizations to help employees be more productive and their companies be more competitive.