Big News! We’ve Acquired StatusCast™!

4me is excited to announce the acquisition of StatusCast, a cloud-based provider of incident management products. StatusCast delivers external and internal status pages and incident management capability to dozens of Fortune 500 companies and SaaS brands.

Status Pages and Incident Management

The addition of StatusCast is an important step towards adding advanced functionality to the 4me platform for IT teams, operations teams, and service providers. StatusCast nicely complements 4me’s ITSM functionality – customers and partners want to know the status of the technologies, services and applications they depend on to deliver their customer experiences.

Over the coming months, we’ll integrate StatusCast to enhance 4me’s ability to communicate with customers and partners regarding service availability, current incidents, and scheduled downtime. We’ll connect public and private status views to the services and technologies that customers manage within 4me.

Accessible and deployable right out of the box, our advanced incident management service redefines the concept of comprehensive ITSM – and there’s a lot more to come! For full details about the acquisition, please read our press release here.