4me and Scopism Announce the Results of First Global SIAM Survey

BroadcastPalo Alto, California, November 8, 2018 – 4me Inc., a SaaS start-up dedicated to improving the success of selective outsourcing, is delighted to announce the availability of the first global SIAM survey that it commissioned through IT Consulting firm, Scopism.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is an operational methodology that is gaining strategic importance within organizations that need to manage the relations between the internal and external service providers and allow secure collaboration between them. The results were compiled from nearly 250 respondents, 62% employed in organizations employing more than 5000 people, predominantly in mid-to-senior management roles of which 45% work in IT. The geographic spread was indicative of where SIAM has its roots; with 37% of respondents located in Northern Europe, followed by India, Japan and Australia.

Download the Scopism Global SIAM Survey 2018 White PaperOf great interest to anyone tasked with managing outsourcing and ensuring service delivery excellence will be the trends emerging in organizations planning to introduce SIAM and those that have achieved adoption. Of those planning to adopt SIAM, 91% expects this to be in place in the next 3 years. Other interesting findings are that 52% of these respondents are seeking greater control over their existing vendors, and 22% are looking to move internally hosted services to a number of different managed providers. The responses from those that had already completed their adoption show that 50% completed their SIAM Implementation.

“The proliferation of Cloud services supporting initiatives like Digital Transformation are seeing organizations selectively outsourcing many of the services previously provided by teams within the IT department,” said Cor Winkler Prins, CEO and co-founder of 4me. “This survey illustrates that the question is no longer whether to outsource, or whether selective outsourcing is the right approach. The question is now how to stay in control of all the providers.”
The results also showed that the adoption of SIAM causes new obstacles to emerge.  Organizational change was consistently cited as the primary challenge, regardless of the status of the implementation.
4me was honored to sponsor this first global survey. The insights it provides should be valuable for anyone seeking guidance on forming their SIAM strategy. As an enabler of SIAM, in addition to the more traditional enterprise service management capabilities, these insights will also assist 4me in its continued progress as a thought and market leader in the SIAM tooling space.

“It will be interesting to see next year whether organizations still fell as strongly about staying in control of their SIAM implementation, whether organizational change management remains the main challenge and whether SIAM transitions become shorter as this still relatively new management approach matures,” concluded Cor Winkler Prins.

The results from Scopism’s 2018 global SIAM survey are now available for download.

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