4me Announces JDisc Integration

jdisc connector

Organizations that use 4me and JDisc can now have the IT network documentation data discovered by JDisc automatically synchronized with the 4me CMDB.  To achieve this, 4me partner techwork created the 4me JDisc Connector.

JDisc Discovery identifies all devices in an organization’s network and collects relevant hardware, software and device configurations.  The Connector picks up this asset data and uses it to generate 4me configuration item records (CIs), linked to the correct person records. Within 4me, the organization registers software products of interest for service management in the CMDB.  The 4me JDisc Connector matches these software products in JDisc and links them as software CIs in 4me.

The 4me JDisc Connector functions as a one-directional scheduled import of JDisc data into the 4me CMDB.  It is fully configurable, allowing organizations to specify data they want to see in the CI records of their 4me account.  Customer-specific requirements get implemented in QA and after approval moved to production. Techwork can provide the 4me JDisc Connector as a SaaS solution, without the need for customer infrastructure components, or as an on-premise installation, for customers that run JDisc within their own organizational network.

Download the 4me JDisc Connector datasheet for more information about this integration.