4me Announces TOPdesk Connector


A new standard integration lets organizations that use 4me connect with customers and providers that use TOPdesk software. This integration allows for requests, changes, attachments and other data to be transferred between both organizations while ensuring that information stays in sync. 

The 4me TOPdesk Connector, created by Joost-IT, is a near real-time two-way integration between TOPdesk and 4me, making it possible for organizations to work from a single source without switching between platforms. Employees will be less prone to making errors in the process, leading to increased efficiency and productivity and introducing businesses to a more seamless collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Stephen-ley-joost-ITStephen Ley, managing partner at Joost-IT, said: “Software integrations, especially between different organizations, can account for a significant share of specification, coding and testing efforts during software implementations. Standard Connectors like this can greatly diminish both the lead time and the costs for such projects.”

Stephen Ley – Managing Partner at Joost-IT

To set up the Connector, Joost-IT organizes a workshop with the different stakeholders to determine and define when and which information should be exchanged between the two platforms. The gathered information is captured in the functional specification document. After document approval and validation by a Joost-IT integration specialist, the actual connection is configured and tested in a QA environment in close collaboration with all stakeholders. Deployment to production is done after customer approval and testing, to ensure a successful deployment. The lead time for such a connection is about 4 weeks.

More information about the integration can be found in the 4me TOPdesk product brochure.