4me App Available for QA and Demo

SmartphoneThe 4me App could already be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. After downloading the app, it can be connected to an organization’s 4me account. This version of the 4me App can only be used for production accounts, though.

To be able to test the setup of an organization’s QA account in the 4me App, a special version of the 4me App has been released. For iOS (i.e. for iPhones and iPads) it is available on Apple’s TestFlight. The Android version of the 4me QA App is available as an open Beta on Google Play.

Similarly, there’s now also a 4me Demo App. The demo version can be linked to a 4me demo instance. Demo instances are typically used for training purposes, tool evaluations and product demonstrations. By downloading the 4me Demo App, it is possible to extend these experiences to smartphones. The 4me Demo App can be downloaded for iOS from Apple’s TestFlight. For Android devices, the 4me Demo App is available on Google Play.

Note that a free 4me demo instance can be obtained at https://www.4me.com/trial/.