4me Appoints Laurens Pit as CTO

PersonAs 4me continues to grow, so does its organizational structure. Today it is my great pleasure to announce that Laurens Pit has taken on the role of 4me’s Chief Technology Officer. Laurens Pit

Laurens Pit has over 20 years of experience leading the development of enterprise-class service management and analytics applications. He started in 1993 with the development of the product that in 1999 became HP OpenView Service Desk. At Hewlett-Packard, he continued his career as the lead software architect for this product. Later, at Mirror42 and ServiceNow, he concentrated more on the analytics of service management data.
With his uncanny ability to spot technological trends well before they become mainstream, as well as his background in artificial intelligence, Laurens will ensure that the 4me service continues to make use of the latest technologies for the benefit of the world’s largest enterprises.
We are all very excited that Laurens has chosen to take on this role and we are confident that 4me’s customers will benefit greatly from his expertise in the years to come.