4me Auto-Translation: Advancing Global Collaboration and Efficiency

Whether you’re scaling your services to support new geographic markets, or attempting to connect regionally distributed teams, language barriers can be a major obstacle to efficiency and collaboration. A lack of a common language between team members, customers, partners, or constituents can mean that simple projects or straightforward issues take weeks or months to resolve or complete. And even in cases where individuals share a common language, a lack of complete fluency can lead to misunderstanding and unnecessary errors.

Traditional solutions for overcoming language differences are cumbersome, costly, and often ineffective. Hiring resources who can conduct business in every potential language is expensive and often unrealistic. Plus, it can present business continuity issues when team members are on leave, are promoted, or leave the business, as many teams can’t afford multiple resources to cover less-common languages. Other businesses might rely on free or low-cost translation tools that have proven to be error-prone, and are often unable to handle nuanced, lengthy business conversations.

Usually, daily business needs are urgent, and communication must be clear, timely, and frequent. It’s just not feasible to use traditional translation methods in the modern work environment.

Fortunately, 4me now offers a powerful solution: 4me Auto-Translation.

What’s 4me Auto-Translation?

4me Auto-Translation is a groundbreaking new feature available to all 4me customers, at no additional cost, which has become an indispensable resource for 4me’s global customers (as well as our own internal 4me team), offering a host of benefits that enhance collaboration, efficiency, and translation accuracy.

4me’s Auto-Translation feature allows every user or end customer to work using their preferred language. Our AI-driven, multi-language translation engine works behind the scenes, instantaneously translating requests, comments, and more into the preferred language of each team member or requestor – enabling seamless communication and cooperation across all regions. No longer are language differences a hindrance; instead, companies can reap the benefits of leveraging smaller service or support teams to support their multi-lingual, global presence.

Currently, 4me Auto-Translation supports over 57 languages – a degree of inclusivity that ensures 4me can cater to nearly any business’ or user’s language preferences. Translation is instantaneous and available 24/7, whenever and wherever it’s needed, so there’s zero downtime for your teams. Moreover, if a customer requires support in an additional language, it can be added immediately.

A Cost-Effective Solution

4me’s Auto-Translation feature isn’t just a breakthrough level of convenience—it’s also a cost-effective solution. By leveraging AI technology, 4me enables businesses to offer support around the clock, worldwide, without the overhead of maintaining a multilingual or overstaffed service or support team. This not only reduces operational costs but also streamlines the support process, making it more efficient and scalable.

Like most features in the 4me platform, it’s usable “out of the box”, which means customers don’t need to pay extra. It’s another 4me function that reflects our commitment to offering users a truly comprehensive and cost-effective ITSM solution.

wouter wyns “At 4me, we work with colleagues and customers from dozens of different countries and of a broad range of nationalities. In the past, this used to be a challenge for our support team, but with 4me Auto-Translation, everyone is able to communicate in their own language. Customers can submit their requests in their native language, and our support specialists can communicate with each other and respond to requests in the language they feel most comfortable with. This makes it much easier for us to offer great 24/7 support.”

Wouter Wyns, Service Management Architect at 4me

Improving Global Collaboration and Efficiency

4me Auto-Translation empowers global businesses like 4me to connect with clients, partners, and colleagues in their preferred languages, enabling more effective communication and cooperation. It is a testament to our commitment to making service management easier and more accessible for all users. If you’re looking to improve global collaboration and efficiency, 4me’s Auto-Translation feature is a must.

For more information on this feature and how it can benefit your organization, you can download the datasheet or contact our support team.