4me Brings Scott Hutchins On Board as VP of AI and Integrations

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4me is committed to continuing to deliver best-in-class ITSM and ESM capabilities, an important aspect of which includes advancing our artificial intelligence (AI) and integration capabilities.

In keeping with our ambitious AI and integration strategy, we’re delighted to announce 4me’s new VP of AI & Integrations, Scott Hutchins. Scott has extensive experience in building AI-driven applications, solution engineering, and integrating business applications.

Scott comes from User Testing, which he joined after selling them his previous AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) company in 2019. He stayed on to further build out the AI and ML functions of their product. Prior to that, his first big startup experience was as CTO of OnDeck Digital, a baseball analytics company that offers a multi-modal digital experience for watching games, using box scores and dynamic camera-switching. OnDeck Digital was used by the majority of scouting departments in the MLB.

Scott has also led organizational technical enablement and integration functions in a number of high-stakes environments, and he’s bringing those skills and insights to 4me, too, making Scott a vital part of 4me’s continuing push to break new ground in ITSM integration capabilities.

I’m extremely excited to be joining the fantastic team at 4me,” says Scott. “4me already offers industry-leading analytic and workload simplification capabilities – moving forward, there’s massive potential to drive automation and other integrations in the platform.”

Scott Hutchins, VP of AI and Integrations 4me

With the rise of AI, the ITSM industry is standing on the threshold of an exciting (and sometimes anxiety-provoking) new world. Scott’s arrival at 4me is another big milestone in our ongoing drive to develop powerful AI functions for the 4me platform, as well as a strong statement about our investment in our integration capabilities. With our existing AI-driven tools and integration functions, and now with Scott’s leadership, we’ll continue to assert our position as a major innovator in this new age.