4me Connect Now Starts in Chat Mode


In November last year,  4me introduced 4me Connect,  allowing specialists to call other users with audio and video.  This feature has now received a major update: instead of a video-calling feature with a chat option,  it has now evolved into a chat feature with video-calling functionality.  This way,  connecting with a colleague is less intrusive.

Chat feature toolbar

Clicking on the Chat toolbar icon opens the My Chats window with the most recent chats still listed.  A red badge is presented for each conversation that has unread messages.  This badge shows the number of unread messages in the conversation.  Clicking on any of those chats will continue the conversation.  A new conversation can be started by clicking on the + icon,  after which the specialist can select for a person to connect with.

Chat feature my existing chats

After selecting a colleague,  the specialist can decide to write a message or start a video call,  by clicking on the phone icon at the top right of the chat window.  The specialists can click the new window icon next to the phone icon to continue this chat in a new,  separate window that stays open even after navigating to another part of 4me.

Chat feature my chats

So now 4me Connect starts with chat rather than video calls to allow specialists to quickly interact with each other in short informal messages,  but all the video call capabilities are still there.  In addition,  4me Connect is now also available in the 4me App for specialists who are working in 4me on their smartphone.