4me: Cutting-Edge Innovation With 99.999% Uptime

At 4me, we pride ourselves on driving innovation within the service management industry while also providing our customers best-in-class performance and availability. Our service-centric, multi-tenant platform offers the latest in value-driving and user experience-enhancing functions, while also maintaining near-zero platform downtime. These two aspects of 4me set us apart from the competition and provide our customers with the reliability and efficiency they need – including 99.999% uptime in 2023.

4me is a high-availability system, which means that the percentage of time our service is available to users is exceptionally high – we’ve experienced less than 5 minutes of downtime since 2020.  We achieve this high level of availability through rigorous (automatic) testing and an excellent infrastructure and code architecture.

In addition to industry-best uptime, 4me delivered over 200 features to customers in 2023. Our modern cloud architecture means that all our customers are on the newest version of 4me – allowing our customers and our development team to focus on innovation rather than maintenance. Additionally, since 4me only offers platform-wide license models, there is no additional cost to customers to begin testing and using new capabilities and features – which means that 4me’s value to customers grows with every weekly release.

Here’s a look at some of the more than 200 features and enhancements from 2023 we’re most excited about:

  1. Billing Integration:
    MSPs can quickly generate invoices for their customers from 4me data.

  2. Support Chat:
    End users can chat with support departments and easily raise that chat to a 4me request.

  3. End User Privacy:
    A single account setting ensures complete data privacy throughout the 4me service for end users of B2C organizations.

  4. Portfolio Insight:
    Project managers can easily access an overview of the baselines of all their projects.

  5. 4me Account Sync:
    Users can quickly transfer configuration data, including all its relations, between 4me environments.

  6. Waiting for Customer Follow-Ups:
    AI enables service providers to remind a requester that their input is needed.

  7. AI Request Summaries:
    AI automatically creates a summary of a request based on the available notes.

  8. Knowledge Article Suggestion:
    AI suggests the subject, description and contents of Knowledge Base articles based on the request text.

  9. Case Management:
    Specialists of non-IT support domains can use a single account setting to create simplified service experiences.

Moving forward, 4me will continue to rapidly release new functions in order to enhance user experiences across the board. These ongoing releases, along with our extremely low downtime, ensure that all 4me customers are able to deploy the platform to maximum effect.