4me Imagineering Days 2023

The 4me Imagineering Days is an important event to get our creative juices flowing. We go offsite with a team representatives of development, product management, product marketing, and customer success to work on things that need improvement, a better design or are just cool to design and build.

Each developer teams up with one of the non-developer participants to come up with a design and at least a working prototype within 3 days. Regular plenary sessions allow other participants to learn about each teams’ progress and provide feedback. The evenings are reserved for dinner, socializing and teambuilding. 

A sneak preview of the things we have been working on during last weeks’ edition:

  • Capability usage overview. See which capabilities of a 4me account are (not yet) in use. 
  • Using checklists in rich text fields without ui extensions.
  • Reply to a note using emoticons.
  • Use data tables in dashboards.
  • Overview of your activities in 4me.
  • Various improvements to handling notifications: grouping, mark as unread, and undelete.
So we have been cooking a lot of nice things for you. You can expect the results in 4me very soon!