4me Unified Service Management (USM) Certified

We are proud to announce that 4me has been awarded the official USM compatibility certificate. It was found to be fully compatible with the USM requirements for a modern enterprise service management (ESM) tool.

A sustainable approach to ESM with the USM method
Unified Service Management (USM) is a universal methodical approach to service management. It is developed and maintained by the SURVUZ Foundation and provides a standardized management system for any service organization to manage its people, processes, technology, and services. USM specifies an explicit service management architecture based on a set of principles for setting up and managing a service organization.

The SURVUZ Foundation works with ESM tool vendors who want to optimize their solutions by aligning these with the requirements of modern service management systems. The Foundation audits these tools against the USM method’s requirements, supporting an integrated and customer-driven enterprise service management strategy.

The tools that pass the USM audit are listed on the USM website and brought to the attention of the growing number of USM users worldwide.

One of the three USM-certified service management tools
To become officially USM certified, a service management tool needs to pass an audit conducted by an accredited USM professional. 4me has successfully passed the audit and is now one of the three USM-compliant service management tools. This is good news for the USM community because they now have more tools to choose from.

Not only was the 4me product found to be fully compatible with the USM requirements for a modern ESM tool, but the entire architecture of 4me was found to perfectly align with USM’s concept of the standardized link for endless supply networks across organizations and ecosystems – regardless of their size and industry. In this way, 4me underpins an ESM strategy based on the concepts of the USM methodology, allowing any combination of best practices as described in popular frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, FiTSM, or IT4IT to be applied.

Jan van Bon – Chair, SURVUZ Foundation

Cor Winkler Prins4me and USM are based on very similar concepts: a clear focus on services rather than technology and the desire to make service management less complex. 4me was designed with the challenges of a modern service organization in mind: dynamic sourcing of services. Support for dynamic sourcing is built-in, enabling an organization to easily collaborate with multiple internal or external providers. The ‘Supply Chain Aware principle’ in USM emphasizes the importance of this collaboration.

Cor Winkler Prins – CEO at 4me

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