4me Is Okta Verified

AutomationOkta is a leading identity and access management provider. Okta was already pre-integrated with 4me to deliver single sign-on for 4me customers. This makes it possible for organizations that use Okta to offer their employees secure access to 4me without having to ask them to log in separately. For these employees this means a seamless experience when they need some assistance from IT, HR, Purchasing or any other support domain within their organization.

What’s new is 4me’s provisioning integration with Okta. This integration makes it easy for organizations to populate and automatically maintain their 4me environment with information about the employees they support. Okta has already reviewed this integration and has certified it Okta Verified.

This provisioning integration makes use of the Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard for automating the exchange of user identity information between identity domains and other IT services. Details of 4me’s Okta Verified provisioning integration can be found in the 4me Developer documentation.