4me Lansweeper Connector

IntegrationsOrganizations that use both 4me and Lansweeper will be pleased to hear that there is now a standard integration available that will help them get more value out of both products.

Lansweeper LogoLansweeper is a discovery solution that gathers information on all IT assets in an organization’s network. It does this with a similar philosophy as 4me, i.e. by providing advanced functionality and making the extra effort to eliminate as much of the complexity as possible.

The 4me Lansweeper Connector makes it easy for organizations to extract their asset information from Lansweeper and securely import them as configurations items (CIs) into their 4me configuration management database (CMDB). It allows support specialists to jump from a 4me CI record straight into the corresponding Lansweeper asset record with a single mouse-click.

This integration was developed iService Solutions in the U.K. and is now available globally from all organizations that are part of the 4me Partner Network.

Download the 4me Lansweeper Connector datasheet for more information about this integration.  To learn more about Lansweeper, please visit the www.lansweeper.com website.