4me Mobile

MobileEnd-users are now able to use their smartphones to submit and track their requests.

Tracking requests in 4me Mobile
Their managers are also able to approve changes. And all users can review the broadcast messages that are targeted at them.

Approvals and broadcasts in 4me Mobile
The best thing is that no one needs to do anything to get 4me Mobile. When a user receives an email from 4me about a request or approval task, the hyperlink in the email will automatically launch 4me Mobile if the user is working on a mobile device.

This means that there’s no app to download and that users are always using the latest version. It also means that IT departments do not need to distribute anything to the smartphones of their organizations.

For the next few weeks, 4me Mobile will be available as a Beta release. This period will be used to perfect the formatting for the mobile platforms that 4me Mobile supports. Android, iOS and Windows Phone are the supported operating systems.