4me Nexthink Connector Boosts User Experience


Cooperation between 4me and Nexthink has resulted in a standard integration with end-user experience platform Nexthink.  With this integration 4me is adding a greater understanding of employee sentiment and even faster problem-solving ability to 4me’s enterprise service management application.


Nexthink logoThe 4me Nexthink Connector provides organizations that use 4me as well as the Nexthink solution with a number of automation capabilities.  Specifically, the 4me Nexthink Connector allows them to:

  • Keep the 4me CMDB up to date with asset and experience data discovered by Nexthink on the customer’s network.
  • Maintain the relations in the 4me CMDB between hardware and software discovered by Nexthink.
  • Allow specialists to launch the Nexthink Finder directly from within 4me for Nexthink-managed devices.
  • Generate a new request in 4me when an employee has a negative experience on a Nexthink-managed device.  Such requests are classified and assigned to the correct team when they are generated.  4me automation rules can be used to trigger provisioning scripts that deploy known solutions.

Yassine Zaied - NexthinkWe’re very happy to announce this integration with 4me, one of the leaders in the market.  Nexthink enables IT teams to focus on how IT is consumed by employees and not just how it is delivered by the IT department.  For IT service management this is a game changer, enabling teams to move from reactive problem solving to a proactive approach, freeing up IT to provide more strategic value to businesses.

Yassine Zaied – Chief Strategy Officer at Nexthink

This standard 4me integration can now be ordered globally from all 4me Partners.  Download the 4me Nexthink Connector datasheet for more information about this integration, or watch the video to see the benefits it provides in action.

The full press release can be found on Newswire.

To learn more about Nexthink, please visit the www.nexthink.com website.