4me Removes the Barriers Between Service Management and Software Development

With the latest SCRUM functionalities, 4me now fully supports agile software development on one unified platform. Software development teams no longer need other tools to plan, track and manage their agile software development projects. With everything available on one platform, 4me removes the barriers between service management and software development and streamlines your organization around end-to-end processes.

Solid service management practices, product backlogs, sprints, agile boards, release workflows integrated with the CI/CD pipeline, and project management: it is all available on the 4me platform,  seamlessly integrated.

4me brings the users, the service desk, the service management teams, and all software development teams together on one platform. A single solution that can handle requests, projects, releases, and all scrum-related activities. One single point of contact for all questions, requirements, and issues.

Cor Winkler PrinsFor a complete, agile, and collaborative service management platform like 4me, the integration of service management and agile software development is only logical. The business should never have to worry if they addressed the right team or person with a request, including the services the software development team has on offer. With backlogs, story points, agile boards, and the new SCRUM functionality in 4me, developers can plan, track and manage their agile software development projects in one tool, reducing complexity and cutting costs in the process. And managing this all on one service-centric platform will most definitely optimize customer experience and productivity.

Cor Winkler Prins – CEO at 4me

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SCRUM webinar on October 20
4me has organized a webinar about the 4me platform and the new SCRUM functionalities on October 20. Those interested can register here.