The 4me SCCM Connector

Microsoft SCCMAnother standard 4me integration has become available. It is the 4me SCCM Connector. This connector makes it possible for organizations to integrate their Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) instance with their 4me account. The result is that their PC and server data is automatically maintained in the 4me configuration management database (CMDB).
Logo Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)By default this connector picks up the asset data that SCCM discovered on an organization’s network. It then uses this data to generate configuration item (CI) records for the PCs and servers. Next, it looks at the software CIs that are registered in the organization’s 4me CMDB. If SCCM found any of these software CIs on the PCs, the CI records of those PCs are linked to these software CIs. This makes it easy, for example, to track the number of installations of specific software CIs and to compare that with the number of installed user licenses that the organization has for that software.
Out of the box, the 4me SCCM Connector also links the person record of each PC’s user to the CI record of that PC. It does this every 5 minutes to ensure that the CMDB is maintained in a near real-time fashion.
This integration is fully configurable, so if an organization has some specific SCCM data that they want to see in the CI records of their 4me account, the 4me SCCM Connector can accommodate this.
Like SCCM itself, this 4me SCCM Connector needs to be installed within the organization’s network. The data it sends to the organization’s 4me account can be configured centrally, however. To ensure that the 4me SCCM Connector never needs to be accessed from the internet, this on-premise component pulls its settings from the cloud each time just before it starts to send the latest CI data over an encrypted connection to the organization’s 4me account.

UPDATE: The SCCM Connector is no longer provided by 4me. An SCCM integration is available from our partner Techwork.