4me SDK for .Net Framework

APIDevelopers who are most comfortable with C# or Visual Basic will be excited to hear that a 4me software development kit (SDK) has become available for the Microsoft .Net Framework.
Logo Microsoft .Net FrameworkLike the SDK that was already available for Ruby, this new SDK is essentially a 4me Client. It can be installed on servers to make it easier to build integrations that make use of 4me’s REST APIs.
The 4me community has Klaas Vandeweerdt to thank for this new SDK. Over the past weeks, Klaas spent much of his personal time to get it published. Many developers of 4me partner and customer organizations are going to benefit from this work in the coming years. So thank you very much for sharing this, Klaas!
The 4me SDK for the .Net Framework can be downloaded from the Libraries page of the 4me Developer documentation.