4me SDK for .NET Updated


The software development kit (SDK) for accessing the 4me v1 REST API via .NET has been completely revised.  This makes it even easier for .NET developers to create apps and integrations for 4me that use these APIs.

The biggest change is that this version is compatible with .NET 5 and 6, which completely changed the way to do web requests.  Where .NET Framework only works on Windows, .NET works on almost all operating systems.  This makes it possible, for example, to write code on a Mac and then deploy it on Windows Server.  The SDK can be used on iPhone and Android, in the cloud (via kubernetes or docker), IOT devices, etc.

4me dotnet sdk

The .NET SDK includes almost everything described in the 4me v1 REST API documentation, including all recent changes. The SDK hides low level details needed for communicating with 4me’s API. It offers code completion, which allows for developer tools to suggest available fields. This saves developers valuable time by no longer having to look these up in the documentation.

The software development kit is also available as NuGet, a package manager designed to enable developers to share reusable code.  This allows a developer to use the SDK directly from .NET with a few mouse clicks.

Once again, a big ‘thank you’ to Klaas Vandeweerdt, for creating, maintaining, and sharing this highly valued software development kit.