4me Welcomes Back Andrew Smith

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We are delighted to welcome back Andrew Smith, this time to the Customer Success team. As Customer Success Manager, he will be responsible for ensuring that existing customers get the most value out of 4me.

Many of us have already had the pleasure of working with Andrew as previously he was the 4me Business Development Director for UK & Ireland. After a year away, working in a different software category, we persuaded him to rejoin. In his new role, he will evolve customer success through account-based marketing and business development to ensure engagement strategies with 4me partners and customers secure retention and drive growth through the increased use of the 4me service.

His many years of experience in the service management space, working for the likes of EasyVista, BMC and Hornbill, make Andrew perfectly qualified to help organizations understand and make the most out of the unique benefits 4me has to offer.

There is an adage about ‘grass being greener’ but that didn’t take into account how much I would miss the world of Service Management. I know how expansive the 4me service can be, so evangelizing ESM to the great customers we have is an opportunity too good to miss. So thank you Cor and Martijn for having me back!

Andrew Smith, Customer Success Manager

Welcome back, Andrew!