4me Welcomes Frank de Jong

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We are delighted to welcome one of the most experienced service management and knowledge management experts around. Frank de Jong has joined the 4me team as Product Marketing Manager to help the team further develop the product strategy.

Frank brings 25+ years of experience in various management positions in IT and enterprise service management, having been involved in or responsible for projects in small to enterprise size companies in Europe and the US. In his spare time, Frank is an amateur photographer. He likes to photograph landscapes, architecture, and portraits.

4me and Frank go back a long time. Frank first met 4me CEO Cor Winkler Prins at BMC, where Cor was responsible for the BMC Alignability for Service Desk Express products, and for the past 14 years, Frank worked for 4me’s long-standing partner Infravision. He was responsible for product management and development and consulting practices, training people to adopt and apply Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) practices, and helping customers improve their IT service management. Frank worked closely with the 4me team to help customers get the best out of the 4me solution.

Frank firmly believes in avoiding reinventing the wheel; he prefers to use the saved time and resources to improve services. So less inward focus and more customer focus. As Frank says, “You want to be famous for the services you offer, not for the exotic processes you follow to deliver them.”

I’ve been a 4me fan from the start and I have worked with many companies who are very happy they made the switch. 4me is one of the few organizations making service management actionable and less complex. Clever solutions for real business problems, based on a clear vision and a ton of experience. I am happy to join the team and help to get the message across.

Frank de Jong, Product Marketing Manager at 4me

Welcome to the team, Frank! We look forward to your expert insights and advice!