4me Welcomes Hauke Lengnik

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4me is delighted to announce that Hauke Lengnik has joined in the role of SDR Manager. Based In Germany, Hauke will help build out our growing worldwide SDR team.

Hauke is a true sales enthusiast with valuable sales experience and contacts. After studying Business Administration and HR management in Germany and Spain, he started a job as an HR Consultant. He recruited IT people and at the same time had to look for new business. Soon he discovered that it was the sales side of his job that he really liked, and he became an account manager at managed service provider (MSP) Pixel GmbH. After that, he worked as a freelance business development manager for various companies. He likes meeting new people and prospects and found that he was particularly good at cold calling. This is why he founded a telemarketing agency working for companies in the IT services industry, connecting with decision-makers in the IT business to sell them IT services or products.

4me’s Tomas Wenz, Annette Grosser, and Patterson Howard have already had the pleasure of working with Hauke over the past six months when Hauke’s agency helped them reach a good number of interesting new prospects. Hauke spends a lot of time on prospect management and research as he likes to focus on the quality of a sales contact or call rather than the quantity.

“To me, it is important that I can identify with the product and company; it has to be fun to sell. I like the 4me team and how they think, and I like the idea of an enterprise service management solution that is easy and fast to implement. One of the big advantages of 4me is that it comes ready to use. Organizations don’t need to invest a lot of their time and money to get the platform up and running. They immediately have this complete platform at their disposal, but they only use what they need and only pay for it when they need it. I am excited to share my ideas and strategy with the SDR team and help drive our sales performance to the next level of effectiveness.”

Hauke Lengnik – SDR Manager

The team at 4me is looking forward to working together with Hauke on optimizing our SDR success.