4me Welcomes Joanne Sweetman

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We are happy to announce that Joanne Sweetman has joined 4me in the role of Field
Marketing Manager.

She is based in the UK and will support the 4me marketing team as a marketing all-rounder with field experience. Joanne will help increase market awareness and lead generation via interesting events and engaging and easy to consume digital content. She will also be looking at ways to extend our communication, including activities with and through our partners. 

Joanne is an experienced B2B marketing manager with a creative mind and a strong eye for detail. She has experience working in a diverse range of industries, including Recruitment, IT, Insurance, and Corporate Events, where she was responsible for the end-to-end execution of marketing programs and driving market growth and awareness.

I am super excited to join 4me and work alongside some incredibly talented individuals. I can’t wait to get up to speed so that I can make a positive impact in helping to promote and raise awareness of 4me’s exceptional enterprise service management solution.

Joanne Sweetman – Field Marketing Manager

Together with the rest of the marketing team, Joanne will work to maximize the effectiveness of 4me’s marketing efforts.  It is great to have you onboard, Joanne!