4me Welcomes Klaas Vandeweerdt

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4me is delighted to welcome Klaas Vandeweerdt to the team in the role of Integrations Architect.

Integrations are an area of strategic focus at 4me and Klaas adds many years of experience building 4me integrations to the R&D department. In fact, he recently won the 4me Innovator Award, having introduced 13 enhancement ideas that were released to the 4me platform over the last 12 months.

Klaas spent the last 22 years working at Deloitte Belgium. Ever since he was a young boy, Klaas has had a keen interest in IT and computers. At Deloitte, he started his career at the service desk and quickly found his way to the development team to focus on IT service development within operations, streamlining and automating internal processes. With 5,500 employees at Deloitte in Belgium, this was a challenging and rewarding task. He was responsible for the development, database, and workstation teams and takes great pleasure in integrating and enhancing systems and processes.

In his spare time, Klaas has spent the past 15 years working for an NGO, Fund Isaan. Every year he joins the IT team on a trip to the province of Surin in Thailand to install computer classes and maintain and repair the computers at primary and secondary schools. In addition, he spends some of his spare time developing the Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET to extend the ‘out of the box’ 4me integrations capabilities.

Klaas first got in touch with 4me in 2013 when 4me’s ITSM solution was implemented at Deloitte and has been a fan ever since.

The 4me platform provides endless integration opportunities to connect with other solutions and platforms. I look forward to working closely with 4me’s team of developers, who I know to be highly qualified and inspiring to work with. It will be great to spar with a team of experienced service management experts about perfecting the 4me solution and to develop more interesting and helpful integrations for the 4me customers.

Klaas Vandeweerdt, Integrations Architect at 4me

Welcome to the team, Klaas! We can’t wait to implement more of your innovative ideas.