4me Welcomes Matthew Haigh

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4me is delighted that Matthew Haigh has joined 4me’s Research & Development department in the role of Software Engineer. Matthew is based in Brisbane, Australia.

While studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Queensland, he spent the last 18 months working as a service desk analyst for the Chandler MacLeod Group. They use 4me’s enterprise service management solution, and Matthew helped to roll it out, implementing things in 4me across IT and integrating it with the internal systems. This allowed him to become very familiar with 4me and how it works.

Matthew made the switch to 4me because he wanted to start using what he was learning beyond university. He met some of the development team and decided that what he could learn at 4me was far greater than at university alone. His experience as an end user will be beneficial to the R&D team as he was able to identify some needs and strengths of the tool from a customer perspective.

“I have already been using 4me, and I really like it, especially the fact that product enhancements and new features are pushed weekly and seamlessly. It reflects what I find is important in maintaining high-quality software by keeping businesses up to date and ensuring that everyone can use the latest features available. I hope to bring some fresh ideas to the team and help make the tool as efficient as possible.”

Matthew Haigh, Software Engineer at 4me

The team at 4me is looking forward to working with Matthew and exchanging ideas on further enhancements to the 4me service.