4me Welcomes Patrick Bakker

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The 4me organization continues to grow.  Today we welcome Patrick Bakker who has taken on the role of Communications Strategist in our newly created marketing department.  Based in Brazil, Patrick brings with him a rich background that prepares him nicely for his new job.

Patrick Bakker - Product Manager at 4me

Having completed his studies in information science and applied linguistics, Patrick came into contact with service management processes as an IT consultant for CGI and a billing specialist for World Online, Ziggo and Embratel.  He then started his own copywriting business and a school where kids learn about technology.

This rare combination of experiences will help Patrick as he explains the unique benefits that 4me has to offer as an enterprise service management solution.  4me needs to communicate better because there are many vendors in the service management space and it is hard for organizations to tell the difference.

4me has a wonderful challenge.  There are so many aspects of the 4me service that contribute to the bottom line of its customers, like the shorter time to implement, free online training modules, faster response times, guaranteed resolution times for bugs, hands-off upgrades, the pricing model that allows customers to scale up as well as down, real-time tracking of the level of service provided and received and, of course, the ability to connect with other 4me customers.  But these are just the first ones I came across.  I already noticed the powerful project management and time tracking features that do not seem to get highlighted much.  This is obviously way too much to fit into a concise messaging strategy.  It is also why my job at 4me will be so interesting.

Patrick Bakker – Communications Strategist

A professional writer is something the team has needed for some time already.  Patrick can count on the enthusiastic support of all his new colleagues as they help him get comfortable with the 4me solution and introduce him to customers to learn about their experiences.  Welcome, Patrick!