4me Welcomes Tina van Schelt

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4me is delighted to welcome another talented software engineer to its growing development team. Tina van Schelt has joined 4me in the role of Senior Software Engineer. Based in the Netherlands, she will focus on perfecting 4me’s user interface.

After spending most of her life in South Africa, followed by a couple of years in Ireland, Tina moved to the Netherlands two years ago. She originally studied Graphic Design and Art Direction at a Creative Business School in Cape Town. While living in Ireland, she returned to university part-time and completed a BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Technologies from The University of Derby. Her dissertation was on utilizing modern, browser-based machine learning technologies for data-driven cognitive accessibility research. Tina is incredibly curious by nature, believes in continuous learning, and embraces new challenges as growth opportunities.

Tina brings over ten years of valuable software development experience. Although she started her career as a digital product owner, she’s always loved coding and building browser-based applications. She enjoys working with web development frameworks, building design systems, and has a soft spot for CSS, which Tina believes to be one of the most powerful and undervalued languages in the field. Her previous employer, CLEVER°FRANKE, specialized in expertly crafted data visualizations, interactive dashboards, and complex web applications.

At 4me, Tina hopes to expand upon and implement some of the knowledge she’s gained along the way. Although she’s a full-stack developer, Tina prefers to focus on front-end technologies. She aims to write accessible, semantically correct, and maintainable code.

As a newcomer to the enterprise service management industry, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to both the team and product. 4me has a very mature and experienced engineering team and an incredibly well-architected solution. I look forward to making an impact alongside a talented team, crafting a high-quality, intuitive user experience, and ensuring that our users remain at the core of all the decisions we make.

Tina van Schelt, Senior Software Engineer at 4me

Welcome to the team, Tina. We look forward to your fresh perspective and ideas!