4me Welcomes Valery Jaspers

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Another talented engineer has joined 4me’s Research & Development department. Based in the Netherlands, Valery Jaspers will work as front-end developer and UI Designer and focus on the look & feel of the 4me application.

Valery has always been interested in design and technology. As a child, she was already into art and design, which later developed into freelance web design and graphic design. She also likes to play computer games, which is why she decided to study International Game Architecture and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Breda. She specialized in User Interface & User Experience Design and learned all about programming, design, and business management.

Valery has experience with both back-end and front-end development. She spent the past four years working at Stedin as a front-end developer for the team responsible for the Stedin.net website. At 4me, Valery will dedicate herself to interface design and usability. She will collect feedback from users and colleagues and use this information to create the best possible user experience.

I am delighted to get the opportunity to combine my engineer and designer skills. From what I can tell, 4me has many very talented developers and I am excited to be able to use my experience and creative insight to contribute to accessible, intuitive and – of course – aesthetically pleasing solutions. I am positive that we are going to make wonderful things!

Valery Jaspers – Software Engineer

The team at 4me is very much looking forward to working with you and seeing you in action. Welcome, Valery!