Looking back at 2014, we can only conclude that it was another stellar year for the 4me service.

One vital accomplishment was last year’s overall availability of 99.996%. There were 3 short outages with a total outage duration of 20 minutes. This highlights the resilience and self-healing ability of the service’s infrastructure.

Also impressive are the 40 new releases that were transferred to production over the past 12 months. These releases added numerous useful features to the service. It is important to note here that not a single one of these releases caused any downtime. The release management process, which depends heavily on our maintenance of the unit tests, as well as the integration tests, clearly performed effectively. The key to this is probably that the unit tests are maintained by other people (i.e. the development team) than the integration tests (which are the responsibility of the product management team).

And then there were the organizations that completed their migration to 4me. To cope with the demand without compromising the quality of service, we decided to suspend the ability for new customers to sign up online. Organizations that want to start using the service, now need to get access through one of the 4me partner companies. The 4me partners are in the best position (geographically and from a language point of view) to support our customers. They give us at 4me the ability to focus most of our attention on further extending the capabilities of the service.

Looking ahead, though, we can already see that more needs to be done to maintain the exceptional levels of service and support that 4me is becoming known for. The number of new customers that have signed up so far in 2015 will require us to add another member to our team soon. Another ITSM superstar will therefore join us in a few months to help us handle the growth.