A New Completion Reason

QuestionWhen someone submitted a request and a specialist needs some more information from the requester, the request is set to the status ‘Waiting for Customer’. But when the requester does not reply (perhaps after reminding the requester a few times by mentioning him/her in the Note field), it is common practice to update the status of the request to ‘Completed’. That causes a last notification to be sent to the requester, allowing this person to reopen the request.

But what would be the most appropriate option to select in the Completion reason field when the request is set to ‘Completed’?

The options that could be selected in the Completion reason field were:

  • Solved – Review Not Required
  • Workaround – Review Required
  • Gone – Issue Can No Longer Be Found
  • Duplicate – Same as Another Request of Customer
  • Withdrawn – Withdrawn by Requester
  • Rejected – Rejected by Approver
  • Conflict – In Conflict with Internal Standard or Policy
  • Declined – Declined by Service Provider
  • Unsolvable – Unable to Solve

After some discussion in the 4me User Group on LinkedIn, it was clear that an additional option was needed. The new option that has been added is:

  • No Reply – No Reply Received from Customer

Completion reason option No Reply