A New CTI Capability

HeadsetMany larger service desks or call centers use an automatic call distributor (ACD) that collects some information from callers before assigning their call to an available service desk analyst. A caller could, for example, be asked to enter his/her account, customer or employee number.

When the Support ID field of the Person records is populated with this number, the ACD can pass the value that the caller said or entered, to the computer telephony integration (CTI).


By placing the number that the caller provided, rather than the caller’s telephone number, at the end of the URL, the Person record of the caller gets selected automatically in the User field of the Service Desk console. That’s because, before looking for a match with a telephone number, 4me first checks for a Support ID match.

Service Desk console launched by CTI
When the same customer number is entered in the Support ID field of each contact person of the corresponding customer organization, these people get listed as options for the User field when the Service Desk console is launched.