A New CTI Feature

Service DeskThe computer telephony integration (CTI) capabilities of 4me have been extended again. The new feature that was added allows support organizations to use their automatic call distributor (ACD) to collect a request ID from a caller before passing the call to the next available agent.

When this agent accepts the call and the ACD passes the request ID to the softphone of the agent, the softphone can use 4me’s CTI to open the Service Desk console in a new browser tab using a simple URL that includes the request ID. Here’s an example of how this URL looks for the VirtualSupport organization:


As soon as the Service Desk console opens, the person who is selected in the request’s Requested by field is selected in the User field of the Service Desk console. In addition, the request is selected in the view that lists the user’s previously submitted requests. And that causes this request to be displayed in View mode in the right pane of the Service Desk console so that the service desk analyst immediately sees the request that the person on the other end of the line is calling about.
CTI - Request-selection in Service Desk console
The details of 4me’s CTI capabilities can be found in the developer documentation.