A New Way to Look Up CIs

Configuration itemA helpful feature has been added that gives service desk analysts and specialists another way to quickly find a specific configuration item (CI).

Looking up CIs by numberFor example, when an end user calls to report that the network printer PRT00127 is out of toner, this CI can now be found by entering only the number at the end of the CI’s label. The leading zeros should be ignored, so in this example the number that should be entered is ‘127’. The result is a list of CIs which labels end with ‘127’.
The same trick can be used when filtering a configuration items view.
Filtering a configuration items view by number
And it can also be used to find CIs using 4me’s Search functionality.
Search results of CIs with number in label
Note that it is also still possible to use the name, label, site and location to quickly relate a CI to a request, task, service instance, etc.