A Warm Welcome to Piotr Sołtan

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Piotr Sołtan - Service Management Consultant at 4me

At 4me we pride ourselves on being able to attract the best team players in the service management industry to support our fast-growing customer base and partner network.

Today we welcome Piotr Sołtan as Service Management Consultant to the Customer Success department.  Piotr joins us with more than 12 years of service management experience from his previous positions at Coca-Cola Hellenic, Danone and Securitas.  He already spent a few years supporting the 4me environments of a number of Danone companies and has recently been focused on the security aspects of digital services.

I very much enjoyed working as an administrator in one of the world’s largest 4me environments.  The elegance of 4me’s architecture makes it much easier to administer than other service management solutions.  4me also makes it possible for all support functions of a large enterprise to have their own environment which can be configured specifically for their needs without affecting the 4me setup of the other support functions or negatively impacting their ability to work together.  Now that I am part of the 4me organization, I look forward to helping many more enterprise organizations get the most out of 4me.

Piotr Sołtan – Service Management Consultant

Based in Poland, Piotr will be working closely with his colleagues Bartłomiej Duma and Sebastian Ziemiński.  This will probably feel like a reunion, because the three of them used to work together at Danone.

It is great to have you on the team, Piotr!