Access of Specialists to Knowledge Articles Restricted

KnowledgeThe Specialist role is no longer able to edit all knowledge articles. Only the articles with the status ‘New’ can be still be updated by specialists. If a specialist needs to be able to modify articles that have already been reviewed and have the status ‘Internal’ or ‘Public’, the Knowledge Manager role can be added to this specialist’s person record. The objective of this access rights adjustment is to give organizations more control over who is able to make changes to knowledge articles.

New knowledge article
It is important to the Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) method that all specialists get involved in the creation of new knowledge. As long as a knowledge article’s status is still ‘New’ all specialists are free to improve this article in 4me. But once the article has been reviewed and approved by a knowledge manager, its status is updated to either ‘Internal’ or ‘Public’. At this point, it is important that only people with the Knowledge Manager role are allowed to adjust it, as consumers of knowledge expect an article to be accurate unless it is explicitly labeled as ‘New’.