Account of External Customer or Provider in SLAs

SLA4me records are often related to multiple other records.  The unique strength of 4me is that it allows support organizations to link their 4me accounts so that they can work together.  When one organization’s 4me record contains a link to a 4me record of another organization, it is often helpful to point this out.  4me does this in many places already by displaying the name of the other account next to the related record’s name or subject.

This small usability feature has now also been implemented for SLAs.  When a specialist opens an SLA of an external customer, the name of this customer’s 4me account is visible next to the name of the customer organization and customer representative.

Customer account name displayed in SLA

Similarly, if one of the customer’s specialists looks at that same SLA, this person will see the provider’s account name next to the name of the provider organization and service level manager.

Provider account name displayed in SLA