Account Sync: Service Offerings and KAs

Account sync

Several synchronization options have been added again to the Account Sync feature, bringing the total number of available record types to 19. Below follows a brief description of the new additions.

Knowledge articles and knowledge article templates

Knowledge articles can be related to a service, and even to a specific service instance. Knowledge articles are added to a sync set when a service is included. In that case, all articles that are related to that service but not to any specific service instance are included. Those are only included when the related service instance is included in the sync set. Mind that the ‘created by’ and ‘updated by’ columns are not synchronized, as the knowledge articles are not necessarily created by any user in the target environment. They are therefore automatically related to the account owner.

Service offerings, effort classes, and SLA notification schemes

When a service offering is added to a sync set, related effort classes and SLA notification schemes are included as well. Both these record types can be selected independently from service offerings as well.

SO account sync

The combination of effort class and service offering can also have a rate associated, which is also synchronized when the service offering is selected. Standard service requests for offerings are not yet included as dependencies. This is expected to be added when request templates are supported.

Skill pools

Skill pools and their effort classes can now also be synchronized between accounts. When syncing skill pools, effort classes are included. Reversely, when syncing effort classes, skill pools and service offerings are not automatically included. Members are never included during the synchronization of skill pools.