Account Sync: Task Templates

Account sync

Task templates are the latest addition to the Account Sync feature. When task templates are selected in a sync set, several related record types are also taken along in the export. For this release, the task template approvals, task template automation rules, and PDF designs (workflow summaries for approvals) were added to the feature, as well. These record types cannot be synchronized separately, though.

Sync task templates

It is also good to point out, that automation rules will be synchronized as they are. That means that no checks are made to ensure that all expressions work properly in the target account.

Webhooks referenced by automation rules are not handled. That means that an automation webhook with the correct name has to be manually defined in the target account for automation rules triggering web hooks in the sync set to be imported correctly.

Approvers of tasks in the sync set must be mapped manually during the import process. At the moment, only specialists from the target account are allowed to be selected.

To prevent overwriting the default PDF template in the target account, providers should rename the design in the source account.