Activation of Standard Integrations


The ‘Apps’ section (edit: nowadays called ‘App Store’) of the Settings console has undergone a makeover.  It now offers more standard integrations and presents them in a way that makes them easier to manage by administrators.  This will become increasingly important as the number of standard integrations available in this section continues to grow.

Apps section in 4me Settings console

The apps that are already active for the 4me account in which the ‘Apps’ section is opened are presented on top.  The Search box in the toolbar is available to quickly find a specific app.  To activate an additional app, an administrator clicks on its Add button.

This allows an administrator to read the description of the app, as well as an overview of the features it offers.  The ‘Security & Compliance’ section of each app provides important information about the data that gets exchanged between 4me and the other service, as well as how this data is protected.

Security & Compliance section of 4me app

After pressing the Install App button, the administrator is able to configure the app in the ‘Configuration’ tab.  The configuration options vary for each app, but helpful hints are offered to assist the administrator.

Configuration of Google Analytics for 4me Self Service