Activity Monitor Reports

Pie chart

Three new reports that are related to the Activity Monitor have been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console:

  • Logins aging
  • Passwords aging
  • Coverage of 2FA and

When drilling down into the data of these reports, the user is taken to the ‘Activity Monitor’ section of the Settings console, where the correct filter has already been applied. These reports help monitor security related data and can move organizations towards better security compliance.

The ‘Logins aging’ report shows the last login of people over determined periods. This report gives a clear overview of users that are inactive. The ‘Passwords aging’ is a similar looking report, showing the last time a password is changed for users over those periods.

New report passwords aging

The ‘Coverage of 2FA’ is a pie chart that shows the number of people with either two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled (Yes) or disabled (No).

New report coverage of 2FA

In the ‘Activity Monitor’ section of the Settings console, three corresponding filters have been added to enable auditors and administrators to see the same data without going through the reports.