Add a Team Field to UI Extensions

TeamIt was already possible for 4me account administrators and designers to include custom fields in a UI extension that allow users to select an organization, site or person record.  Because these fields behave just like the standard suggest fields in 4me, they allow users to enter a few characters or words to look up and select a specific 4me record.

Now it is also possible to add a suggest field to a UI extension that allows users to select a team record.  After expanding the ‘Snippets’ section of a UI extension, it is as easy as selecting the field type ‘team-suggest’.

Adding a custom team field to a UI extension

For specialists, a custom team-suggest field looks and behaves just like the other suggest fields in the 4me service.

Custom team field in UI extension

End users, however, are not allowed to select a team.  Administrators should therefore make sure that a custom team-suggest field does not become visible in Self Service for people who do not have the Specialist role.