Add Color to Text and Tables


It is now possible to give text a color in every rich text field of the 4me service.  To make use of this feature, select the text which color needs to be adjusted and press the text color icon in the text formatting bar of the rich text field.

Text color icon in text formatting bar

This allows a standard color to be selected, or a custom color can be picked by pressing the palette icon.

Selecting a custom color

If one of the colors of an organization’s corporate identity needs to be specified, this can be done using RGB (red, green, blue) color code notation.  Alternatively, clicking on the ‘R G B’ option allows the color to be specified in the HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) or HEX (hexadecimal) notation.

It is now also possible to set a background color behind text.  For this, the paint bucket icon is used.  After some text has been selected, pressing this icon allows a background color to be selected in the same way a text color is specified.

Selecting a background color

It is also possible to use the paint bucket icon to set the background color of the selected cells of a table.

Setting a background color for table cells

Other text formatting options that have recently been added are: