Add Custom Fields to Products


The UI Extensions functionality of 4me makes it possible to add custom fields to many record types.  By linking a UI extension to a product, for example, it is possible to add custom fields to all configuration items (CIs) of that product.  Until now, though, it was not possible to add custom fields to the Product form itself.  Customers in the Food and Pharma industries have asked for the ability to add some additional fields to certain types of products.  That would help them manage compliance with regulations such as the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

This is now possible.  Different sets of custom fields can be added to different types of products.  To add a set of fields, an account designer or administrator can create a UI extension and link it to one of the product categories in the Settings console.

Product category with UI extension

Once a UI extension is linked to a product category, the custom fields of the UI extension are added to all products that belong to this product category.

Product with custom fields

It is important to note that linking a UI extension to a product category, adds the custom fields of this UI extension only to the products of this product category.  These custom fields are not added to the configuration items of these products.  To add custom fields to the CIs of a product, a UI extension can be selected in the UI extension field of the product.