Add Custom Fields to Services, Service Instances and Teams

UI ExtensionOrganizations can extend the user interface of their 4me account by adding custom fields to some of their records.  People who have the Account Designer or Account Administrator role can do this using 4me’s UI extension functionality.  What’s new is the possibility to define a UI extension for the following records types:

This makes it possible, for example, to add more information in each service instance record.

Service instance with UI extension custom fields

As with the UI extensions for other record types, the fields included in these new UI extensions can be made ‘Internal‘ to ensure only the auditors, specialists, account designers and account administrators of the 4me account in which they are registered can see them.  The custom fields can also be made ‘Searchable‘ and ‘Filterable‘.

Custom fields defined in UI extension for service instance

The ability to add fields to service instances is especially useful for managed service providers (MSPs).  It allows them to share the specifications of the environments they make available to customers with their support experts.  Being able to filter the service instances view makes it easy for them to find, for example, the instances for which a recovery plan still needs to be written, that require an upgrade, or need to be moved to a different pricing plan.