Add Direct Chat Links

ChatThe ‘Contact Details’ section of the Person form now allows chat links to be added. If your organization is already using Facebook’s Workplace, for example, it is possible to use 4me’s import functionality to add a link for each employee to allows others to initiate a direct Work Chat with that person.

Adding a chat link to a person record
Specialists are able to add chat links to their own person record. That allows the them to work together using their preferred chat application. To make it easy to start a direct chat from 4me, the chat links are available in a person’s preview and in the Service Desk console.
Person record with chat links in the ITRP Service Desk console

Below are some syntax examples of chat links for some popular chat applications:
Work Chat



  • slack://user?team=T09DSTA1H&id=U2MAF3D6D


  • skype:ellenbrown?chat
  • skype:live:aef63e62c3935a59?chat


  • hipchat://

To provide some additional integration flexibility, the Custom Links functionality has been extended with the following parameters:

  • person.chat_workchat
  • person.chat_slack
  • person.chat_skype
  • person.chat_hipchat

This makes it possible to add a custom link to the Actions menu with which a direct chat can be started.