Add Hidden Fields

UI ExtensionA new UI extension feature has been added. Administrators and account designers can find it in the ‘Snippets’ section when they are adding fields or editing the HTML of a UI extension. The new feature is presented as a checkbox with the label ‘Hidden’.

When this box is checked before the snippet for a new custom field is appended to a UI extension, then the new field will not be visible in the records that make use of the UI extension. It will not be visible in New, Edit or View mode, not in 4me Self Service, nor in the 4me App.

Adding a hidden custom field to the person form

Automation rules, the import functionality and 4me’s REST API are all able to set a value in a hidden UI extension field, though. And they are able to see, update and clear the value in a hidden field. That is what makes this new feature valuable.

If, for example, a SCIM integration is used to maintain the person records in an organization’s 4me account, it is possible to add some additional data in a person record that is not interesting for humans but can be helpful for automation rules or integrations to determine if a specific action needs to be performed or not.

Note that every change that is made to the value of a hidden field is still captured in the record’s audit trail. That makes it is easy for administrators and designers to look up the current value of a hidden field to troubleshoot the automation they built.

Audit trail with hidden field value